Most of the time things are fine. Sometimes it all goes wrong. In good times and in bad, the Security Stone personal protection device is there to help.
  • It's small enough to hold.    It's heavy enough to hurt.    You can carry it anywhere.

  • On a normal day, Security Stone rests comfortably in your pocket. It's your reminder to be safe. When you take it out it's comfortable to hold, fits easily in your hand. Back in your pocket, it's always available.

  • Together you and your friends are a powerful force. Up front thinking and conversations give you a head start on dealing with potential problems. Do it in comfort, not panic.

  • Carrying Security Stone will remind you to pay attention to your surroundings and to know your options. Preparation, attention and using your head will give you power and authority.

  • In the unlikely event everything goes bad, you look, throw, & go. Security Stone is made to throw. It'll hurt if it finds the target. If it misses, it'll be loud.

  • Security Stone comes with your personal Security Guide. This book addresses a variety of aspects of being and staying safe. It will help focus ideas and start discussions.

Most of us will never need a Security Stone device for self defense. If it ever happens, look and make sure you're reacting well. If you throw, throw hard. Then go fast and get out safe.





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