Retail Purchase

The Security Stone personal protection device is sold on Amazon.


You can also check with your local retailer to see if they carry Security Stone. It may be found in health-related stores, gift shops and other retailers.


For wholesale purchasing please contact us at Security Stone Wholesale Sales.

School, Institutional and Bulk

We really want many Security Stone protection devices to get in the hands of kids for the comfort it offers and options it presents. There are other groups and programs where Security Stone devices will be helpful. One Security Stone is a help. Masses of Security Stones are an avalanche. We're happy to work with your school, company or program to provide discounted bulk purchases. For school, institutional and bulk purchase information please email us at Security Stone Bulk and Institutional Sales.


  • Consumer packaged Security Stones with the free included "Instruction Book and Security Guide".
  • Raw stones are available for bulk purchase only. The "Instruction Book and Security Guide" is also available.
  • Security Stone "Look. Throw. Go." T-shirts will be available soon.
  • Other products are also planned.





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