We started making the Security Stone protection device after much thought about the violence and shootings we see in schools and public places. Having people be nervous and fearful all the time isn't a good answer. Guns can't be the only answer. Any suggestion of that brings up the entire contentious American gun control debate. Besides, most of us aren't able or willing to carry a gun with us all the time. Always making it someone else's responsibility and waiting to be a victim is also an awful choice.

There were events that drove us to try and find some kinds of helpful things. When we consider the theater shooting in Colorado, it's easy to understand any person just running. What we didn't understand is, given the many people in that theater, why didn't someone throw their drink at the shooter. Somehow in our imagination, if one person had done that many would have followed. At the very least, the shooter would have ended up tarred and feathered in soda and popcorn. At best, harder objects would have driven him off and saved lives.

We also think back to the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. The people in that club were heavily armed and didn't know it. Bottles of booze and glasses of beer heaved at the shooter would have slowed him down. Sure, running is a great choice if you can. Perhaps though, if someone realized the weapons they had or had thought up front about how to take care of themselves in the face of horror, running in panic would not have been the only choice.

In the Waffle House shooting in Nashville, one man did think about his choices. He found himself cornered and, with courage to face his fear and with time to find his moment, he confronted his assailant and wrestled the gun from him. He saved his own and other lives.

There've been way too many shootings. Our kids are sometimes afraid to go to school. The lockdowns, once unthinkable, are becoming common. What to do?

Our small contribution is Security Stone. We hope it's many things: a start of a conversation; a token reminder to pay attention, to be safe, and to think about what you might do if circumstances require action. Most of the time it's a small comfort. When things go bad it's a good hard stone to throw in self defense.

Our kids have them. We hope yours will too.

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