At Security Stone we are often outraged by the news. Rather than just grumping we create things to get people talking.

Sometimes we make things that address serious issues as in the Security Stone looking at gun violence. It's a pocket reminder to keep yourself safe. It's also meant to inspire conversations.

We tend to get outraged by certain injustices. The Wealth Card is an example of us pointing one out. You put your name on the card and pretend anybody can have the privileges of wealth. It's awful and funny at the same time. Read the back to see what we mean.

Somtimes we create things for personal expression as in the Serenity Stone, a voice from within to be calm. A fair number of people carry these every day. It surprised us and we like it.

We talk about the things that provoke and inspire us. We do it in person. We do it on various social media platforms. We do it in art and products. Please join us in the conversations. You can follow along. You can buy along. You can chime in.

We give a lot of these things away. When you run into us in public ask us what's new, you are likely to get whatever we've done lately. If you don't run into us personally and want to see some of our creations, go to Amazon. You can see and get them there.

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