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Security Stone: Your pocket reminder to be safe.

Most of the time things are fine. Sometimes for some people it all goes wrong. In good times and in bad, we want you to know that we care and your friends and family care.

Why Security Stone Personal Protection Devices?

In the United States and around the world the menace of mass killings, often by guns, has created both physical and emotional security threats. There is much discussion about how to address this. In the United States in particular, this is intimately wrapped up in the gun control debate. There have been few practical results.

Security Stone proposes a different solution to the physical problem, and, importantly, addresses the emotional problem. Security Stone personal protection devices are meant to be carried in purses and pockets. They are to provide a small element of physical and emotional security.

What Security Stone Does

Security Stone is a reminder that each person should consider their own response to threatening situations. Most of the time the stone is a token and comfort. As a personal aid it is not a solution to the underlying problem, yet, it's a help.

You should carry your Security Stone device with you. It is your reminder to pay attention to the things around you. Most of the time the reminder is that things are fine. You will also remember that in sudden dire circumstances you will make up your own mind about how to care for yourself and the people around you. You and your friends will have a plan.

Security Stone Comfort

When you carry your Security Stone device you can use it like a 'worry bead'. Each is smooth, solid and fits comfortably in your hand.

On the good days plan yourself, plan with friends. Together you are formidable. If Security Stone was a gift remember: someone cares.

Security Stone in Dire Circumstances

In the event of an actual threat your Security Stone device can be thrown at the threat before you go. Alone, one stone is a small irritant or distraction. Many together are powerful. Throwing your Security Stone device may lead to more things thrown. If enough stuff hits or confuses the threat then they may be forced into retreat. Remember you can both hit or distract.

At close range you may have nothing to lose so: Throw. When the threat is at medium range: Look, Throw, Go. At long range: Go, Go, Go. When you are safe remember to call 911 and report everything (where, when, who's causing trouble and who's in trouble).

Threat and Situational Awareness

Always be aware of your environment and possible dangers.

When you see that there is danger immediately assess the overall situation: How many threats? How are they a threat? Who is threatened? How the threat is confined by the room? Know where your friends are. Which direction everyone could and might move? Be aware that circumstances may lead you to directly confront the threat.

Always note exits or escape paths. If nothing is available, then consider where you may be able to hide and be secure.

Fight or Flight

Our biology tells us that our native response will be fight or flight. If you can take a second to consider the situation, this may help you to choose between fight, flight, or a bit of both.

Look so that you know. Will it be safe for you to throw? Will it be safe for you to go?

Consider the options for yourself and for the people around you.

Security Stone is a reminder: Do your best. You have power. You have control. You can take care of yourself. You can take care of your loved ones. You can take on a threat. You can escape.


Not everyone is equally affected by a traumatic event. Some people will be fine. Some will be deeply affected for a long time. It is hard to predict for any individual, and a person's response may change over time.

If it's you or someone you know has troubles, remember that it's normal. Pay attention so that you can help yourself and others.

If you're feeling the effects of trauma, the basics are: Give yourself time to heal and mourn; Don't try and force healing; Have patience with yourself; Be prepared for volatile emotions; If your response worries you or feels out of control, get help.

More Information

We have included some links and search terms we found useful. Because there is a great deal of information avaialble online and because more information constantly gets added we are providing some search strings that were useful For each search string we also have inluded a small selection of related links worth reading.

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Most of the time everything is fine. Sometimes it goes bad. Pay attention to know the difference. We hope you carry your Security Stone device in safety and comfort. It reminds you to be:
  • safe
  • courageous
  • powerful
  • responsible

Security Stones devices may cause severe injury or death. Never throw the Security Stone device at anyone except in self defense. Please, really.

Thank you.

For details please see the "Instruction Manual and Security Guide" included with your Security Stone device.





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